Please read the following submission guidelines carefully before preparing and submitting your manuscript.

Signing in to / creating your EDAS Account

1. Access the ISCT 2024 homepage on EDAS.

2. You will be asked to sign into your account. Type in your credentials to log in to your EDAS account.

3. If authors do not have an EDAS account, please follow the detailed instruction from EDAS official documentation.

Submitting your Manuscript to EDAS

1. After a successful login, a list of ISCT 2024 tracks (see, Fig. 1) will be shown.

2. Click the track author wish to submit.

3. On the next page, complete the manuscript’s metadata in the form. Read carefully the paper guidelines and ensure your manuscript has complied with the requirements shown in the box. Click ‘Register’ to proceed.

4. Next, complete any co-author information in the page. You can change any metadata in this page. The direct url for this page is Replace the ‘paper-id’ with your paper id.

5. Finally, complete your paper submission by uploading you manuscript to EDAS system. This page can be accessed from your manuscript default page (step 4) shown by the cloud icon. ****

For further information, please check the EDAS offical documentation at

Submission Page for Special Session

The following URLs will direct authors to EDAS submission page for each Special Session:

Organizing Sponsors

Technical Organizer